Maternity Care


Includes Prenatal, Birth, Postpartum, and Well Baby Care

The Maternity Care Package Cost is $3200 | There are Stackable Discounts Available of $500  if we do not bill insurance, and $200 for payment before 20 weeks. | Other arrangements may be available on request.

Most insurance is accepted (Sorry, Medicaid currently will not cover out-of-hospital birth in Oklahoma. Call to ask about special arrangements for out-of-pocket payments!)  A facility fee may apply for birth center births.

All of your prenatal, birth, postpartum, and well baby care is included in your maternity care package.

In early pregnancy the midwife will see you once a month, and then more often as the end of your pregnancy nears. Each appointment is 30 min to an hour long, which allows enough time to cover all of you questions and concerns without anyone feeling rushed.

At each prenatal appointment we will:

  •  listen to baby’s heart beat
  •  record your vital signs
  • check your urine for signs of illness
  • measure your baby’s growth
  • order the appropriate laboratory tests
  • discuss nutritional advice
  • provide emotional support as needed
  • answer your questions or address your concerns

During your prenatal care we also provide referrals to trusted providers for suggested complimentary services, such as massage or chiropractic care, and address any additional issues that arise.

During your labor we will:

  • monitor your baby’s well-being by listening to the heart sounds
  • assess your physical and emotional wellness
  • offer emotional support to ease any worries or fears
  • offer physical guidance to ease your discomfort and shorten your labor
  • make nutritional suggestions to help you keep up your energy
  • utilize natural remedies such as oils, herbs, and hydrotherapy
  • provide life-saving emergency interventions, when needed

After your baby arrives, we will:

  • confirm immediate postpartum stabilization of mother and baby – at least 2 hours
  • perform initial newborn exam  including weight, measurements, and normal newborn assessments
  • insure that the birth site is cleaned and returned to it’s original condition (home birth)
  • make return visit during the first few days to assess maternal and newborn wellness and address concerns
  • offer continuing breastfeeding support
  • file the birth certificate and social security number
  • perform the Oklahoma State Newborn Screening blood test

During your continuing postpartum care we will:

  • monitor your recovery and address any questions or concerns during visits at 2 weeks and 6 weeks
  • screen for postpartum depression or baby-blues
  • discuss family planning options
  • provide resource referrals for breastfeeding  issues, emotional support, financial assistance, or other needs.

Our goal is that, throughout your pregnancy and natural childbirth, your needs will be assessed and reassessed to ensure that you stay happy and healthy, that your birth will be expertly tended to by your midwife, and you will be able to enjoy your pregnancy, labor, and postpartum without stresses or unneeded interventions.