Sarah Foster LM (TX), CPM

Sarah is a Certified Professional Midwife and Owner of Tulsa Birth Center.  Sarah received her midwifery training through the Association of Texas Midwives Midwifery Training Program and is a licensed midwife (LM) in the state of Texas. She is the current president of the Midwives Society of Oklahoma.

“I believe, and research confirms, that childbirth is a safe physiological function, best supported by good nutrition, education and empowerment of the mother, and attentive monitoring by an educated provider. I believe that the health and safety of mother and infant can best be protected when preparation for birth is regarded as a mutual responsibility of client and midwife, and I collaborate with my clients about all care decisions, encouraging mothers to educate themselves about their options so that they may make truly informed choices.”




Heather Forrest, CPM

Heather is a Certified Professional Midwife. She received her midwifery training through apprenticeship and Via Vita School of Midwifery. She has been involved in birth work since 2006 and has been a Certified Professional Midwife since 2013. In addition to her midwifery certification she also holds a Bachelor of Sciences in Elementary Education from Oral Roberts University. She is the current Vice President of Midwives Society of Oklahoma. She and her husband have four children, two of which were born at home.

“My desire is to provide competent and comprehensive care for the whole person; mind, body, and emotions. This approach aims to fully prepare a client for the birth experience. I also desire for families to be empowered in their choices and preparation for birth. I strive to provide a birth experience that is free of unnecessary intervention and one where client, baby, and the entire family are respected.”




Brandi Stone, CPM, CMA, RPT

Brandi is a mother to 5 and a Certified Professional Midwife. She received her midwifery training through the Association of Texas Midwives Midwifery Training Program and the Oklahoma Midwives Association and has been attending births in some capacity since 2006. In addition to her midwifery certification, she is a Certified Medical Assistant and a Registered Phlebotomy Technician.

“My passion is to provide the absolute best care for my clients, with a focus on informed decision making and personalized care.”





Rebecca Schulz, CPM

Rebecca is a Certified Professional Midwife. She attended Via Vita School of Midwifery. for the academic portion of her education and completed an apprenticeship for the hands-on training, as well as an internship at Shiphrah Birthing Home in the Philippines.She is the mother of 3 boys, all born at home.

“In choosing out-of-hospital birth, you have both a higher level of responsibility and control in your care. Throughout your care, I am committed to fully informing you of your status and options, discussing the pros and cons of each option, and making an individualized care plan with you. My focus is on promoting your physical and emotional well-being during your pregnancy and helping to prepare you for the upcoming transition into parenthood.”

Student Midwives

Student midwife at Tulsa Birth Center, Alisa West.
Alisa West, Student Midwife

Alisa started birth work as as a doula, over 25 years ago, and is currently working toward her CPM certification. She has also earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Northeastern State University. Alisa has a husband, Kelly, and four grown children as well a steadily increasing number grandchildren, several of which she has had the honor of catching.







Student midwife at Tulsa Birth Center, Heide Auguston.
Heide Auguston, Student Midwife

Heide is a student midwife who is currently working toward certification. She is married with five children, four of which were born at home. She is dedicated to gaining a quality education and supporting parents through the journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum and is currently attending the Midwives College of Utah.







Cherina Appel, a student midwife at Tulsa Birth Center.
Cherina Appel, Student Midwife

Cherina is a student midwife at Midwives College of Utah. She believes that all women have the right to choose the birth they want. She has 3 children, 2 of which were home births, and has been a birth doula for friends and family. She is dedicated to working hard to obtain her CPM so that she can provide women the ability to achieve their ideal birth.







Ashley Dougherty, Student Midwife

Ashley is a student midwife at Via Vita Midwifery School. She began her academic work and apprenticeship in 2015. Giving birth has been the most formative and strengthening experience for Ashley and she counts it a blessing to be able to walk with women in their own birth journey. She and her husband have four children.

Birth Professionals

Shannan Williams, Professional Doula, Birthing From Within Mentor, Birth Story Listener

​Shannan is a professional birth and postpartum doula, a Birthing From Within® Mentor, and a Birth Story Listener.  She is passionate about preventing or minimizing emotionally difficult births and helping families who have had prior difficult experiences.  Shannan offers holistic and compassionate services for diverse families throughout the spectrum of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, regardless of outcome or location.







Support Staff

Pat Foster, Office Manager

Pat has over 20 years experience in office and personnel management, and a deep personal investment in midwifery and also Tulsa Birth Center, as he has been married to midwife, Sarah Foster since 2002. During that time he has been thoroughly initiated into the world of midwives and out-of-hospital births, even attending the birth of one of his three home-birthed grandchildren (pictured). He works, mostly behind the scenes, keeping track of our finances and handling other important tasks that need to be attended to.







Morgan Harmon, Office Assistant

Morgan greets our clients with a smile and helps us keep on top of important tasks like scheduling, billing, and charting. She is a graduate of Porter High School and aspires to be a marine biologist. She has a personal investment in out-of-hospital birth, as she has a niece and two nephews who were born at home.